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Women Supporting Women: The Urgent Need for a Culture Shift

There is a jarring disconnect between the empowering messages we hear about women’s
potential and the reality many experience. We know the power of community and sisterhood,
which we’ve previously discussed in our blog post, “The Longevity Elixir of Community and
Sisterhood.” Yet, the elephant in the room is that women are often the ones tearing each other
down instead of building each other up. In this post, we’ll explore the urgent need for a culture
shift among women, one where mutual respect and support are the norm, not the exception.

The Paradox: Breaking Ceilings but Building Walls

You’ve likely heard of the “glass ceiling,” the invisible barrier that often prevents women from
rising to positions of power and influence. While many of us fight against this systemic issue,
we sometimes unintentionally create “walls” by not supporting our female peers. These walls
can be as damaging as any glass ceiling, hindering our collective progress.

The Cultural and Psychological Landscape

Various factors contribute to this divide among women, including societal norms, competition,
and yes, even jealousy and insecurity. Unfortunately, these aspects affect not only our
professional lives but seep into our emotional well-being, often magnified by the anonymity of
social media. Viewing the negative comments online has not only hurt my sensitive soul but
has truthfully held me back from using my own platform for good.

The Price of Negativity

The implications go beyond individual losses. A lack of support among women can lead to a
toxic work environment, affecting team dynamics and even overall company performance. On
a personal level, it can wreak havoc on our emotional health, creating stress that manifests in
various physiological symptoms—something particularly concerning as we age.

The Economic Ripple Effect: Our Choices Matter

Every time we tear down a woman in business or choose not to support her professionally or
as a consumer, we’re not just affecting her bottom line. We’re hindering our collective
economic growth and perpetuating a cycle that keeps us all from rising. Making the choice to
uplift women economically isn’t just about doing what’s right for one person; it’s about
enriching our collective future.

The Amplifying Effect of Female Strength

When women work together, our collective strength amplifies to an extraordinary degree. Think
about the power of female intuition, our innate resourcefulness, and the ability to multitask. We
are the intuitive nurturers this world so desperately needs. Could you imagine what we’d be
capable of if we lifted each other up instead of tearing each other down?

A Holistic Perspective

As women in various stages of our life journey, it’s essential to remember that our health isn’t
just about the physical aspect; it’s about emotional and psychological well-being as well.
Fostering a supportive culture among women can significantly contribute to our holistic health,
enhancing not just our career trajectories but also our quality of life as we age.

It’s time to put an end to the paradox. As we work on breaking glass ceilings, let’s also focus on tearing down the walls that separate us from supporting one another. After all, our collective well-being depends on it.

Sisters I love you all!

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