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Karen Wintz, RN

Karen Wintz is an experienced, compassionate, and highly competent Registered Nurse with a remarkable 25 years of experience diversely ranging from NICU to mobile phlebotomy for health and life insurance. Holding a positive attitude in her work, Karen strives to make her patients feel as comfortable as possible. After long days at work, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her beloved family consisting of her husband and three children, various furry babies, and even 7 chickens! In her leisure time, Karen routinely indulges in activities such as reading, rollerskating, and Bible study groups; along with going the extra mile for anyone in need. Karen believes that being open-minded and informed is crucial to achieving good physical health, and she strives to embody these qualities as a patient.

Words she lives by:
“I’m not where I want to be, but I’m not where I used to be.”
Pastor Steve Robinson

Our Vision is to contribute to building a world of people no longer hindered by chronic illness and living as the highest version of themselves.

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